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Some evening stuff

A few things I wanted to throw out there...

Evan Grant is doing a chat session at the DMN tomorrow at 11 a.m., so if you have any (good) questions, you can send them by clicking here, and join the chat by clicking here.

T.R. Sullivan has a piece on Brad Wilkerson and Hank Blalock, with Ron Washington professing not to be worried about either one.

Sullivan also suggests that Kam Loe may get the start on Sunday. He says Loe wanted to go today, but Washington decided to hold him back as a precautionary measure.

SI has a preview of the Rangers up, predicting that the Rangers will be the 22nd best team in the majors this year. They also have Sammy Sosa hitting cleanup, and say that Kenny Lofton and Sosa should be platooning at DH, with Freddy Guzman playing centerfield.

And speaking of Sosa, Jayson Stark's latest column includes input from a couple of scouts on how he looks this spring. I'll let you peruse the piece for yourself...

More injury problems for Anaheim, as Chone Figgins has a broken middle finger on his right hand.

And at BP, in their "free" section today, Dan Fox has a neat piece up on double steals, how often different managers use the double steal, how successful they are, and what the "breakeven" point is to make trying a double steal a worthwhile venture.