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Tuesday morning things

5th starter is still the big story out there today, and we are still getting different messages from different outlets...

T.R. Sullivan says that the Rangers are "headed towards" Jamey Wright as the 5th starter, although he acknowledges there has been growing support for Kam Loe.

But Sullivan also quotes Ron Washington as saying that he was pleased with how Jamey Wright pitched yesterday, and with Wright's performance in camp, despite Wright's 5.82 spring ERA.

Evan Grant says that the decision has been made that Wright and Loe will both make the team, but there still is no decision on who will be the 5th starter and who will be the long reliever. The issue, as Grant reminds us, is that the 5th starter will only be used three times in the first month of the season, making that role a lot less meaningful until we get around to May.

Dave Sessions says that Wright is the favorite for the #5 slot, and has some quotes from Wright in his article today about how the Rangers signed him to be in the rotation, and that's where he expects to be.

Also from Grant's notes, 2005 4th rounder Shane Funk has been released, and the Rangers are no longer shopping for a backup catcher -- either Miguel Ojeda or Chris Stewart will apparently make the 25 man roster.

Despite suggestions from Washington to the contrary, Grant reports that Frank Catalanotto will not play against lefties, and Kenny Lofton will not face many lefties. That's good news...Washington's comments that seemed to indicate that Cat was going to be facing lefties regularly had me worried...

Dave Sessions says that Sammy Sosa has earned the right to be the everyday DH this spring, and walks through the "regular" Ranger lineup, which features Kenny Lofton and Frank Catalanotto 1-2, with Ian Kinsler hitting 9th.

I don't like Kinsler hitting in the #9 slot (although he'll hit 2nd against lefties, when Cat is out), but I have to believe that, if Kinsler hits the way I think he'll hit, he'll be higher up in the lineup before too long this season.

And out of Chicago, there's another column about how smart Kenny Williams was in getting John Danks for Brandon McCarthy.