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#5 starters

With the #5 starter situation with the Rangers being such a hot topic of discussion, I thought it would be worthwhile to look at who the #5 starters for the rest of MLB will be on Opening Day, just as a point of comparison.

The list, as best as I can determine:

Dustin Moseley -- Anaheim
Matt Albers -- Astros
Joe Kennedy -- A's
Josh Towers -- Blue Jays
Kyle Davies -- Braves
Claudio Vargas -- Brewers
Braden Looper -- Cardinals
Wade Miller -- Cubs
Casey Fossum -- D-Rays
Edgar Gonzalez -- D-Backs
Brett Tomko -- Dodgers
Russ Ortiz -- Giants
Fausto Carmona -- Indians
Jeff Weaver -- M's
Sergio Mitre -- Marlins
Mike Pelfrey -- NY Mets
Matt Chico -- Nationals
Jaret Wright -- Orioles
Brandon Duckworth -- Kansas City
Clay Hensley -- Padres
Jamie Moyer -- Phillies
Tony Armas, Jr. -- Pirates
Julian Tavarez -- BoSox
Matt Belisle -- Reds
Josh Fogg -- Rockies
Chad Durbin -- Tigers -- Update [2007-3-30 16:33:45 by Adam J. Morris]: Changed because Rogers is now on the d.l.
Sidney Ponson -- Twins
John Danks -- ChiSox
Jeff Karstens -- Yankees