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Some evening things

A few things I thought I'd mention before I go to bed...

Evan Grant blogs with some quick notes on some performances in today's spring games.

Sammy Sosa, in the B game, went 0 for 3 with a walk and two strikeouts, but apparently, that's a good thing:

"It's pretty good," Sosa said. "After the year off to come back and face live pitches and not look that bad, I feel pretty good myself. I thought I would be a little bit behind, but I'm not."

Meanwhile, Ozzie Guillen trashes Brandon McCarthy:

``I don't want to talk about Mac because he made a couple of comments -- I really hate him,'' Guillen told North. ``I don't like the comments he made about our clubhouse, about our players, about [us] negative people here. There's one thing about Ozzie Guillen: Ozzie Guillen is never negative.''

Guillen told North he wouldn't have minded if McCarthy, who was traded to the Rangers in December, only had said something bad about him, but he said talking about the clubhouse and his teammates was over the line.

``Obviously he wasn't in the position he liked to be,'' Guillen said on the show. ``Well, we didn't want him in the bullpen, but that was the only spot we had. If Brandon McCarthy thought he was better than the five guys I had, he's wrong. The comment he made about the clubhouse that only two guys were single, everybody was married, nobody treated him the way he should ... well, everyone in our clubhouse gets along. I think Brandon should look himself in the mirror.

``You played with us 162 games and all of a sudden you leave and say you don't have a friend in the clubhouse? Only Brian Anderson? Well, he picked the wrong guy to be friends with. People forgot that Brandon McCarthy got caught a couple of times out at night. I called him into my office and said, `You been hanging around the city a lot, huh?' I said, `I don't have a spy on you, but I know a lot of people in the bars in Chicago. I've been here for 20 years, and they will tell me everything.' ''

Guillen later added, ``He forgot he lost a couple of games for us. He lost at least five of the 72. We might be in the playoffs without him.''

Yeah, Ozzie, you are right...the reason the ChiSox didn't make the playoffs last year was because of Brandon McCarthy, not Scott Podsednik or Juan Uribe or Neal Cotts or Javier Vazquez or Brian Anderson or Mark Buehrle or Bobby Jenks (to name just 7 guys on the 2006 ChiSox who didn't meet expectations)...

Moving on...John Barten compares former Ranger and current Padre Adrian Gonzalez with a couple of other young first basemen in the N.L. West, Conor Jackson and James Loney.

Mark Kotsay is getting a third opinion on his back problem. I don't know what, exactly, this means, but it can't be good news for the A's.

Grant also has a piece for NBC Sports, mainly discussing the Young signing, but also hitting on the problems that the Angels and A's are having, which makes this division more winnable for the Rangers.

And now comes the news that Jered Weaver is likely to miss his first start or two of the 2007 season. This is with Bartolo Colon already on the shelf for an indefinite period of time.