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Phil Rogers on the Guillen/McCarthy controversy

Phil Rogers weighs in on Ozzie ripping Brandon McCarthy, and takes McCarthy's side in dispute:

Here we go again.

Ozzie Guillen's swipes at Brandon McCarthy on Mike North's morning radio show Friday set the stage for a carbon copy of the Guillen-Magglio Ordonez "feud" of 2005. In both cases, Guillen overreacted to some non-sensational comments made by a former player, trying to paint players who are solid professionals as anything but.

* * *

Earlier this spring I interviewed McCarthy at the Texas Rangers camp in Surprise, Ariz. He wasn't looking for a fight with his former team, even though his unexpected trade raised questions that still haven't been answered. Yet Guillen, apparently reacting to some mild comments by McCarthy, lashed out at the 23-year-old pitcher when North (referring to the White Sox as "we" throughout the interview) gave him a chance.

The shame of these catfights is they allow the team that jettisoned the players -- Ordonez for economic reasons; McCarthy perhaps because he gave up too many homers--to create a misperception about solid, reliable players. Ordonez deserved better. So does McCarthy.

The Chicago Tribune has an article that includes this quote from Kenny Williams about the controversy:

"Why can't this be about business?" Williams said. "This was good for Brandon, and it was good for us."

To answer Williams' question, it is because it seems that, with Ozzie Guillen, it can never be about is always personal, one way or the other.