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Friday a.m. stuff

I'm busy this morning, so just a few quick things...

Eric Gagne is heading to the d.l., of course, but all reports indicate that this is just a matter of getting him some more innings in Arizona before he's activated. Maybe I'm a Pollyanna, but I'm not too worked up about this...if Gagne has a true setback, or we find out in a week or two he's not going to be activated on schedule, then I'll get more concerned...

Grant also says that Joaquin Benoit had the best camp of any pitcher, and Ian Kinsler had the best camp of any hitter...

Dave Sessions says that Eric Gagne says he's ready to go, but Jon Daniels and Mark Connor say that they are just being cautious, and want to make sure he has pitched in back-to-back games before activating him.

Hank Blalock says he's happy with the progress he made this spring and is comfortable with the adjustments he's incorporated, feeling that in the last few days it has been coming together for him.

The Baltimore Sun says the Orioles may be interested in getting Marlon Byrd from the Rangers.

And Phil Rogers has a Sosa column up.