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Sheehan ranks Rangers #4

Joe Sheehan's top 10 is now up, with the Rangers checking in at #4:

#4: Texas Rangers, 89-73, first in AL West, 868 RS, 788 RA. The Rangers' problem last year wasn't pitching, it was scoring. Read that again. The team was 11th in the AL in Equivalent Average, as Hank Blalock and Brad Wilkerson formed the most disappointing pair of lefties since Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro. Even stars Mark Teixeira and Michael Young had years that looked better on the surface, loaded with hits and homers and RBI, then they actually were as measured by more advanced metrics. This year, the pitching should still be fine again, highlighted by what should be a terrific bullpen if Eric Gagne stays healthy, and a good one if he doesn't. Where the improvement lies is at the plate; the Rangers are a bit the opposite of the Twins and Blue Jays in that you can project gains at many offensive slots. The defense, now featuring Kenny Lofton, will not be an asset, so watch the strikeout rates as a key indicator of run prevention.

That would be very nice...

Update [2007-3-31 15:56:19 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Sheehan is going to be doing a chat session Monday afternoon, that will be part of BP's "free" section, so you guys might want to send a Ranger question or two his way...