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A few random late night thoughts

As best as I can tell, all that talk about how Sammy Sosa's spring invite was a no-risk deal, that he'd have to perform if he was going to make the team, appears to have been b.s. He's not performing all that well, but seems to have a spot on the Opening Day roster already locked up.

This is really the only thing that is really irritating me right now about the Rangers, which is an improvement, since normally, there are 5 or 6 different things at this time of year that the Rangers are doing which is pissing me off. But still, if Jason Botts is not a better hitter than Sammy Sosa right now, then the Rangers are wasting a 40 man roster spot on him.

If you haven't seen the news yet, the Geico cavemen are getting their own sitcom on ABC.

I hate the Geico cavemen, and I hate the Geico cavemen commercials. I would rather watch 10 straight hours of promos for "The Wedding Bells" than a freaking Geico cavemen sitcom.

And as Lookout Landing's Jeff Sullivan pointed out, if they were going to turn a Geico commercial into a sitcome, it should have been this one:

DesiMania!!! Desi has a 904 OPS this spring...get your Ranger Desi jersey now, before they all sell out...

In A.L. West injury news, Bartolo Colon threw off a mound today (although he's still not expected back until June), while Jered Weaver threw long toss at 160 feet. And Mark Kotsay is still in L.A., getting yet more tests done on his back. No news is bad news (for the A's, anyway) on that front, I think.

I think the chances of GMJ having his contract voided because of this recent scandal are about the same as my chances of having the winning Mega Millions numbers tonight and now being worth $355 million (which, of course, would allow me to quit my job and blog full-time).

Okay, in this commercial, for NBA Street Homecourt, where the guy dunks the ball, the ball flies high in the air, and then he dunks it again:

...I could figure out how the ball got back up in the air for the second dunk. So, when it come on tonight, I re-wound the TiVo and replayed it in slow motion several times. I finally saw that the guy dunks it, catches it between his feet, and then flips it back up in the air behind him with his feet.

I don't think that's very realistic.

I watched the Mavs and the Nets tonight, and I don't think Dallas is going to get to 70 wins. I think they've already put it in cruise control, waiting for the playoffs, and keep having to turn it up late to eke out wins against teams they shouldn't be having that much trouble with.

I also think we're going to end up seeing Devin Harris blossom into a really good point guard for another team. I just hope when the Mavs deal him this summer, they get a solid return for him.