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Some info on how to get Rangers games if you aren't in D/FW

One of the things that I've seen people ask is what options there are for getting Ranger games if you don't live in the D/FW area...

The easiest thing, of course, is if you live outside of the Rangers' home territory. In that case, you can get the Extra Innings package, which now may end up being offered by providers as well as DirecTV. And, of course, there is the option for those outside of the Rangers' home territory. If you want to check out whether you are in the Rangers' home territory -- or see whose home territory you are in, so that you can figure out what opponents of the Rangers will cause a blackout in your area -- you can check out this map.

However, what about those of you who, like me, live in the Rangers' home territory, but not somewhere where all the Ranger games are shown?

If that's the case, then you need to either get DirecTV or Dish Network. If you have regular cable, and both the Rangers and Astros are being broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest, your cable provider has to choose which feed they are going to provide. In the Houston area, naturally, the cable provider will opt for the Astros games.

However, the satellite providers offer both Fox Sports Southwest feeds, one on the regular Fox Sports Southwest channel, the other on an "alternate" feed. So even if both teams are playing, you can still watch the Rangers.

Also, I just confirmed with the Rangers front office this evening that Fox Sports has struck a deal with the satellite providers to carry a feed of the syndicated games on an alternate channel, as well. So if you have DirecTV or Dish Network, you should be able to see just able every Ranger game on television this year.

And as I've mentioned before, if any of you are contemplating getting DirecTV (which I have), send me an email, and I'll be able to forward you a "refer-a-friend" offer that will give you a discount if you sign up.