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More Ozzie Guillen insanity

Steve Phillips said on BBTN that he thinks Ozzie Guillen is a "manager on the hot seat" this season.

So Ozzie torqued out. Again.

Phillips said on the air Wednesday that Guillen is the manager most on the hot seat this season.

It wasn't the first time the former New York Mets general manager has been critical of Guillen. That has left the Sox' skipper to think it is personal.

''Every time I talk to him, he tries to be nice to me,'' Guillen said. ''If I'm in that position [on the hot seat], then I'm in great shape because I have two more years on my contract. And I guarantee him if I'm done with the White Sox, I can go to my house or get another job.

''I have a better record than his manager [Bobby Valentine] did with the Mets. I have a better record as a manager than [Phillips] when he was the Mets' general manager. We pick better players than he did back then. He forgot about when I was with Atlanta and he was the general manager [of the Mets] and we beat him. He forgot I was the guy who hit the base hit to right field to win the game.''

I wonder if ChiSox fans think this is great, if they are enjoying this? Because I have to think, if he were the manager of my team, I'd be sick of it by now.