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Some A.L. West stuff

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You know, the good news right now is that, as expected, the rest of the A.L. West looks pretty mediocre. No one is running off and hiding with the division, and the first place Seamen don't exactly strike fear in my heart.

The Angels got pounded today by the BoSox, 7-2, with Ervin Santana giving up 6 first inning runs. The good news for the Angels is that Bartolo Colon and Jered Weaver are supposed to be back shortly, which softens the blow of Kelvim Escobar going to the d.l.

Oh, and remember this?

Tom Hicks flew in here from Liverpool, England, on Monday, presumably with the $10 million he saved by not re-signing Gary Matthews Jr. this past off-season jingling around in his pocket with a few extra British pounds in his loose change.

What the Angels got for their $10 million was Matthews' usual spectacular defense in center field and a three-game sweep of the Rangers to open the season.

I'll let you figure out who got the best end of the deal.

* * *

Suddenly, the $50 million the Angels will pay Matthews over the next five years doesn't seem quite so extravagant.

After today's game, GMJ is now sporting a hefty .229/.309/.250 line on the season.

Which is why you probably shouldn't pass judgment on a 5 year, $50 million contract based on what a player does in the first three games of the season.

And the single most important player in the A.L. West divisional race left the game yesterday with shoulder tightness.

Rich Harden is saying that it is no big deal, and he'll make his next start (although it may be bumped back a couple of days), you'd have to think A's fans are a little concerned.

And a couple of Rangers-related things from M's bloggers...

Dave Cameron says that Michael Young now has the fourth-highest negative trade value of any player in baseball, surpassed only by Mike Hampton, Garret Anderson and Barry Zito.

And Jeff Sullivan comments on everyone's least favorite Ranger (for today, anyway)