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A few random late night thoughts

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In no particular order...

Matt Barnes looks like the lead singer from Fishbone, back in the 90s when he had the mohawk going.

Among the pitchers this spring, who were the big stories, the guys who stood out with great performances that put them in contention for jobs? Jamey Wright, Bruce Chen, Mike Wood, Scott Feldman, and Kam Loe. Loe may be the only guy left on the 25 man roster by tomorrow. Just something to remember next spring, when you are hearing the coaching staff raving about somebody's "electric stuff."

A couple of days ago, I said I was tired of hearing about how Michael Young is too good of a hitter to keep struggling. Now, I'm tired of hearing about how far Nelson Cruz hits the ball during batting practice.

Steve DeOssie was a linebacker drafted by the Cowboys in the 4th round of the 1984 draft. In the first training camp after Tom Landry was fired and Jimmy Johnson was hired, DeOssie got into an altercation with one of the defensive assistants. Johnson traded him to the Giants the next day, with DeOssie then taking some shots at Johnson and his "rah rah" coaching staff with their college mentality, claiming his "my way or the highway" approach wouldn't work in the pros. That, I believe, was just a few days after the "asthma field" episode, and was part of Jimmy making it clear to everyone who was in charge.

Anyway...Zak DeOssie, Steve DeOssie's son, was drafted in the 4th round by the Giants yesterday. That makes me feel old...

If I admit that, maybe, Sammy Sosa doesn't suck as much as I thought he would, will you poop-flinging Sosa-monkeys admit that, maybe, Brad Wilkerson doesn't suck as much as you thought he would?

I'm going to make a prediction...Jered Weaver will be back on the disabled list before the end of the season.

I'll make another prediction...Jeff Weaver will be released before the end of the season.

And maybe it is just me, but the mysterious Cone of Silence surrounding the Taylor Teagarden injury is disconcertingly similar to the Cone of Silence that descended over Erik Thompson, and that resulted in Thompson finally entering the Witness Relocation Program or something...