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Tuesday morning things

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Another Ranger loss yesterday that featured the bats doing next to nothing, although at least there was an excuse this time, given that Texas was facing Roy Halladay.

Evan Grant notes that the Rangers are last in the A.L. in OBP, which goes a long way towards explaining why they are 5 games below .500 right now.

Grant also has some notes on possible roster moves. The Cat is getting an MRI today, although it sounds like the Rangers are almost certainly going to add Victor Diaz and put Cat on the 15 day d.l., even if he's only going to be unavailable for four or five games. Having Cat on the active roster but unavailable would leave the Rangers with a bench of Matt Kata, Jerry Hairston, Jr., and Chris Stewart, and I don't think anybody wants that.

Grant also has this note on LSB fave Wes Littleton:

The Rangers had RHP Wes Littleton on his way to Toronto on Monday to reinforce the bullpen, but a mechanical issue with his flight delayed him, and the club did not make a roster move. The Rangers will decide today whether to officially add Littleton.

If I had to guess, I'd say that Littleton will be added to the roster today. Dave Sessions says the Rangers were going to option Scott Feldman to AAA to make room for Littleton, and with Feldman struggling again yesterday, I'd guess that that move will happen today.

Finally, Grant says that Alex Rodriguez should opt out of his deal after this season. He suggests that ARod could get $20-22 million per year for 6-7 years, which would making opting out worthwhile.

Something to remember...although the gross amount he's due the next three years is $27 million per year, the true value is about $24 million per year, because of the deferred money. So if he could opt out, give up $2-3 million per year for three years in annual salary, but get another $88 million guaranteed over four years on the back-end...well, that seems like a no-brainer...