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Mark Teixeira's knee injury

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The Hardball Times has a piece today about sluggers who are struggling early, and the possibilities of them being hampered by injury. One guy mentioned is Mark Teixeira...THT says, in part:

Now, almost a month into the 2006 season, Teixeira is struggling at the plate again. What really catches your eye is the paltry .369 slugging percentage. This tells us he isn't driving the ball. A sore left knee could reduce his leg drive and cut down on his power numbers, which would help explain his slow start. Until the knee becomes a public issue or the Rangers place him on the disabled list, we won't know for sure if this ailment is the reason for his struggles. Teixeira owners are going to have to sit tight until this situation plays itself out.

This got me thinking...if his knee is bothering him, the reduction of the leg drive would most likely show up when he's hitting lefty (and pushing off with his left leg) than when he's hitting righty.

The numbers thusfar (insert your standard sample size warning here):

Hitting lefthanded: .179/.321/.284
Hitting righthanded: .375/.423/.500

Hmmm. You have to wonder if, with his knee bothering him, he wouldn't be better off hitting just righthanded for the time being.