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Saturday morning things

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1 step forward, 1 step back. This team is irritating me.

Kevin Sherrington isn't real optimistic. Neither am I, of course. Even if the Rangers win the next three against Anaheim -- a possibly that appears pretty remote -- they are still going to be 4 games under .500.

Jim Reeves is disappointed, as well.

Richard Durrett has some injury updates...Kevin Millwood is expected to be activated from the d.l. on Monday to start against Anaheim, while Robinson Tejeda is expected to make his start on Tuesday.

And Frank the Cat expects to be able to come off the d.l. on Tuesday, although it is still up in the air whether he will go on a rehab assignment. Given how much Catalanotto struggled earlier this year, it seems to make sense to have him spend a week or so on a rehab assignment at Frisco, and give the Rangers a little extra time to decide who is going to get sent down once he's activated.

I also think the Rangers need to be thinking long and hard about bringing Marlon Byrd up to replace Jerry Hairston, Jr., as the platoon centerfielder. Hairston is sporting a .227/.286/.341 line this year, and his defense in center isn't that good. With Matt Kata on the roster, Hairston's ability to play the infield isn't terribly important right now.

The problem, as with Jamey Wright, seems to stem from the decision made relatively early in camp to award JHJ a roster spot based on a nice early camp performance. Byrd was supposed to be Kenny Lofton's caddy, but with Hairston winning over Ron Washington in camp, the Rangers needed a backup infielder more than yet another outfielder, forcing Byrd out.

Also...don't know if anyone has noticed, but after his last start, Tejeda is now sporting a 4.87 ERA.

Todd Wills' farm report focuses on Jason Botts, who he says may be forcing himself back into the Rangers plans with his recent hot streak. However, Wills also says that Botts struggled this spring, when in actuality, Botts hit pretty well...he just was never apparently really considered a legitimate candidate to make the team.

T.R. Sullivan has some blog notes, talking about the return to the majors of Ryan Ludwick -- a guy I've always felt could be a solid 4th outfielder if given a shot -- and also has this quote from J.P. Ricciardi on lying about B.J. Ryan:

Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi on why they lied to the media about reliever B.J. Ryan's elbow injury: "There are a lot of things we do not tell the media, because the media does not need to know it and the fans do not need to know it. There are a lot of things that happen that if you let it play out it ends up solving itself. If you bring attention to it then a lot is made out of things that don't end up being a big deal."

If this g.m. thing doesn't work out, Ricciardi might have a future as a White House press secretary...