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Moves are imminent

The Rangers have a couple of moves that should be coming down the pike in the next two days...

Kevin Millwood is going to be activated from the d.l. to start against the Angels tomorrow, with Mike Wood heading back to Oklahoma.

And Frank Catalanotto is apparently going to be activated on Tuesday, although it sounds like he still can't really throw (which, despite the public assurances that the Rangers aren't panicking, at least seems to suggest that there's a sense of urgency).

The question is going to be, who goes down with Cat is ready to be activated? Victor Diaz was called up to replace Cat, and hasn't done anything in particular to earn a spot beyond tomorrow, so he'd seem to be the obvious choice.

But T.R. Sullivan's notes from today indicate that Nelson Cruz's roster spot could be in jeopardy, as he seemingly has regressed offensively since what was already a slow start. The walk-off home run today could change things, but it is possible the Rangers could decide to send both Cruz and Diaz back to AAA, activated Cat from the disabled list, and call up the red-hot Marlon Byrd from Oklahoma, who gives the Rangers a better option than JHJ for centerfield against lefthanders.