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Some late Sunday random thoughts

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A few musings as I'm sitting here, watching the Warriors and Jazz play...

Sam Narron and Ben Kozlowski are both lefties, both former Rangers, both T-J survivors, and were both lost by the Rangers on waivers after the 2004 season. Kozlowski is pitching in the International League for the Yankees' AAA affiliate, posting a 4.64 ERA in relief, but with pretty good peripherals. Narron is pitching in AA for the Brewers, and after 7 starts, has a 6.08 ERA. Narron also has pretty decent peripherals, but is giving up a ton of hits.

Remember when some folks were hollering at me last year for saying that I didn't think Bill Parcells wanted Terrell Owens in Dallas? Grizz at Blogging the Boys agrees that Parcells didn't want Owens, with Parcells now saying that it wasn't his decision.

Brad "Whifferson" is currently 7th on the team in strikeouts. And while he hasn't been as bad this year as a bunch of people seemingly expected (and as some folks claim he has been), he needs to be doing better. He's drawing walks and hitting for some power, but the .229 batting average is dragging down his OBP to unacceptable levels. He's been okay so far, but the Rangers need more out of him.

Nelson Cruz's home run today gives him an OPS on the season of 533. Frank Catalanotto, as awful as he has been, has a better OPS that than Cruz this year.

In case you missed it, David Moore agrees with me about the Mavs' point guard situation. It amazes me, though, that it has taken 3 years for folks to figure out that Jason Terry IS NOT A FREAKING POINT GUARD...

As I'm typing this, Yusmiero Petit has a perfect game thru 6 innings against the Oklahoma Redhawks.

Before you dismiss Taylor Teagarden's incredible .391/.576/.761 start as irrelevant, remember that he hit .281/.426/.635 in the short-season Northwest League in 2005 after he was drafted. Teagarden's defense, batting eye and power is such that he would probably be a pretty good starting major league catcher if he only hits .230 on the major league level. If he turns into a .280-.290 hitter...

Charles Barkley just said, "Spiderman sucks. Spiderman 3 sucks."

I love me some Charles.