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Monday morning stuff

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A win yesterday. Hooray!!!

Jan Hubbard says Mike Scioscia has his panties in a wad over the exchange of hit batters and his and Hector Carrasco's ejection yesterday. Scioscia says Joaquin Benoit purposely hit Gary Matthews, Jr., while Carrasco's hitting Ian Kinsler was unintentional.

Hubbard also provides a handy timeline with the conflicts from last August, and there are more quotes on it on the DMN, as well.

Richard Durrett has some notes on the return of Frank Catalanotto, and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me:

Frank Catalanotto may not see much action this week when he returns from the disabled list Tuesday.

Manager Ron Washington said the plan is for Catalanotto to be the designated hitter against Tampa Bay on Tuesday. But Catalanotto will probably pinch hit the next four or five games because Tampa Bay is starting two left-handers and Washington wants Sammy Sosa in the lineup against Houston this weekend. No DH will be used in the games against Houston because they will be played in a National League park.

Catalanotto, who has been rehabbing a strained right biceps tendon, said it wouldn't be a bad thing to have the extra games to get his arm in shape. Sunday, he threw for the first time since going on the disabled list.

As for the hitting, Catalanotto faced live pitching in a rehab assignment in Double-A Frisco on Saturday.

"The pitcher was throwing it at 88 [mph] and it looked like 110 [mph] to me," said Catalanotto, who went 0-for-4. "My timing was off. That's what I have to work on."

Even though Catalanotto may not be used much this week, Washington wants his bat on the active roster. Catalanotto has a career batting average of .279 as a pinch hitter. Cat, who has struggled hitting this year anyway, says his timing is off. So what are the Rangers going to do? Start him in a game, and then have him sit on the bench the rest of the week.

That doesn't sound like the best way to get Cat's timing back, to me. It seems like Catalanotto, and the team, would be better served with him spending a few more days in the minors on a rehab assignment.