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Wednesday morning things

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Another day, another disappointing loss. And once again, the bats didn't show up. Brandon McCarthy was decent, not great, but he and the bullpen did enough so that the Rangers should have gotten a "W" last night.

Brad Wilkerson is apparently heading for the d.l., with a pulled hamstring. Wilkerson has been productive when he's been out there, but he appears to be following the Rusty Greer career path, with his body falling apart way early than one would expect.

Evan Grant suggests Marlon Byrd could get called up to take his place, which would be fine with me. I'd just as soon see Byrd get some of the centerfield playing time, rather than Lofton and JHJ, and if there's a guy who is a candidate to have a GMJ-esque career resurrection in Texas, it is Byrd. Very similar profile to GMJ...former well regarded prospect, started off well but then his bat disappeared, sort of a tweener outfielder type (doesn't hit enough for a corner, and isn't great defensively in centerfield).

Quite honestly, with the Rangers falling out of the race, I wouldn't mind seeing the Rangers spend the last two months with Byrd in center, and a mix of Diaz, Cruz, Botts and Cat in the corner outfield slots.