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New DMN newsletter up

Evan Grant has a new Rangers newsletter up...

He says that if the team hasn't made significant strides by Memorial Day, they are going to have to start looking at dealing any veteran free agent to be. However, Grant also points out that the veterans don't have a whole lot of value...there aren't many teams that are playoff contenders that need a centerfielder, so Kenny Lofton isn't going to bring much, and Brad Wilkerson and Eric Gagne's injury issues diminish their value.

Grant also has a real interesting explanation for what is going on with Ian Kinsler -- a guy who has had a good defensive reputation coming up, but who is struggling with some routine plays right now:

Kinsler is simply mishandling a lot of balls. I attribute it to Kinsler's desire to soak in all the tweaks and refinements to his game that Ron Washington believes can make Kinsler a much better comparison to Mark Ellis than Soriano. It involves footwork, glove handling, etc. Some of it is extremely unnatural for a guy who has spent only two years at second base.

Another issue that is still kind of in the painful experimentation project: Soon Kinsler will either have a breakthrough and take his fielding to a different level, thus making him an even better player. Or he will have to play second base the way he knows how. It may mean he'll never win a Gold Glove, but he certainly would do a better job than he is now. Kinsler is "in between" right now, and it shows.

Some good stuff...(including some love for LSB and the NMLR)...check it out...