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Tim McMahon is a funny guy...

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Funny how? Funny like a clown...

With the Mavs getting bumped from the playoffs, Tim McMahon got moved over to contribute to the DMN Rangers blog. He rubbed me the wrong way on the Mavs blog -- sort of a Fraley vibe, if you know what I mean -- but I figured it wouldn't translate to the Rangers blog.

Well, here's his latest contribution:

Yesterday wasn't a total loss for the Rangers despite an extra-inning loss to a terrible Tampa Bay squad.

A possibly imaginary source informs me that prepubescent GM Jon Daniels was absolutely giddy after getting his picture taken with Goofy. Daniels couldn't be reached for comment, because it's practically impossible to talk on a cell phone while riding Space Mountain.

Ha ha ha!!! Get it!!! Because Daniels is, like, 9 years old, right?