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Thursday a.m. stuff

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Yesterday saw a couple more nails hammered into the coffin of the 2007 season.

Three more injuries yesterday. Jerry Hairston Jr. has been sent back to Texas, to get a pinched nerve looked at. Victor Diaz got hit in the hand, and though there is no break, he may still need to go on the disabled list. And Hank Blalock's arm is apparently hurt, although neither he nor the training staff would give out any details.

I think it is a good thing the Astros series is coming up, because the Rangers are about to not have enough positional players to be able to use a DH.

In other injury news, Brad Wilkerson's hamstring isn't torn, but he's going to miss more than the 15 day minimum amount, while Frank Catalanotto will be going on a rehab assignment this weekend to Oklahoma, and Jamey Wright is going to pitch in a simulated game.

Of course, at this point, there is no reason on earth why Jamey Wright should be in a Ranger uniform again this season.