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Friday morning things

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Apparently, I have emotionally accepted the fact that the season is over.

Because last night, when Delmon Young hit the game winning home run, I wasn't all that upset.

Disappointed? Sure. But not the sick-to-my-stomach feeling I had earlier in the season with some of these losses, the way I feel when I think we've blown a game that has a chance to make a difference in late September.

In the big scheme, that home run didn't really mean anything, because this team is out of the playoff hunt and preparing to sell off veterans and look at young players.

Which is part of the reason I don't think dropping Kam Loe from the rotation, at this point, makes sense. Who are you going to call up? Josh Rupe is hurt. Kevin Millwood is on the d.l. John Koronka is what he is, and is probably starting Saturday in Millwood's slot. You want to bump Loe so we can get a longer look at Jamey Wright, maybe? Or audition Willie Eyre in the 5th starter role?

Give Loe a couple of months in the rotation. Figure out if he's a viable starter, or if he's better off in the pen.

And for goodness sake, don't panic bring Eric Hurley up right now. Let him spend the season in the minors, and see where he is next spring.

JHJ is getting a cortisone shot and is out until Monday, which means that the Ranger bench in Houston will presumably be Matt Kata, Ramon Vazquez, Kenny Lofton, Chris Stewart, and either Victor Diaz or Nelson Cruz.

Hank Blalock is supposed to be ready to go on Friday, though, so ideally, they'll send Vazquez back out and get someone who could actually pinch hit, like Jason Botts, up.

Also, I think Wes Littleton -- who flew to Orlando, but wasn't activated -- is setting a record for the most miles traveled in a season to sit in the hotel and not be activated.

But again, I'm at a loss as to why Littleton continues to be in the minors, while Scott Feldman and Willie Eyre are in the major league pen.