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Hank Blalock out 2-3 months

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And t he hits just keep on coming...

Hank Blalock has Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (the same nerve compression that Kenny Rogers had in 2001) and will undergo surgery on Monday in Dallas. He will be lost for 10-12 weeks, which could put him back on the roster around the middle of August.

Travis Metcalf will be added to the roster when he gets to Houston. If not before the game tonight, then for tomorrow.

John Koronka will start tomorrow's game and the Rangers will make a roster move to accomodate him tomorrow.

So, the Rangers' 3rd best hitter this year joins the Rangers' 4th best hitter this year on the d.l. Just to further quash what little hope I had for this season.

And Travis Metcalf, a guy who is reportedly a very good defensive player and who has been hot in May, gets called up from Frisco.

I'm guessing Blalock heads straight to the 60 day d.l. Otherwise, they'll have to DFA someone to make room for Metcalf on the 40 man roster.

Metcalf would seem to be a short-term solution, but there aren't a lot of other viable third base options out there. The Astros would probably give Morgan Ensberg away to any team that would take his contract, but that's the only possibility I can think of off-hand in terms of the trade market.

Really, what I'd consider at this point would be bringing up Joaquin Arias when he's healthy, putting him at shortstop, and sliding Michael Young over to third base.