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A couple of minor league notes

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Jason Botts was a triple short of a cycle tonight. Yay!

Marlon Byrd was back in the lineup for Oklahoma, as well, so he's apparently healthy again. The Rangers supposedly don't want to put JHJ on the d.l., but I'd just as soon they do it and bring up Byrd, since you've got Kata and Vazquez as your backup infielders.

Taylor Teagarden had another double. Yay!

Johnny Whittleman went 2 for 4 with another homer. Yay! He's now hitting .376/.460/.712.

You know, given that the Rangers are trying to convert Chris Davis to third base, and given that Travis Metcalf is now in Texas, I have to wonder if the Rangers won't do the same thing they did with Ian Kinsler a few years ago, and jump Whittleman straight to Frisco.

Six years ago, the Rangers had a third baseman two years out of high school come out of nowhere to dominate A ball, dominate AA, and end up atop most prospect lists by season's end. You probably know who that is, although to be fair, that guy started off in high-A, not low-A, like Whittleman.

And a non-Rangers note...Lake Elsinore, the Padres' Cal League team, was up 21-0 after 3 1/2 innings tonight...