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The pending roster moves


The Rangers currently have 14 position players and 11 pitchers. Travis Metcalf was activated yesterday, replacing Hank Blalock on the roster.

Presumably, Ramon Vazquez will get DFA'd today, and John Koronka will get called up to take his place on the roster and get the start.

Since a starter won't be needed against until May 29, I'd guess that Koronka goes back down tomorrow, and Wes Littleton gets activated so there's another arm in the pen.

Then, on Monday, Frank Catalanotto will be activated, and someone will have to be taken off the active roster. A pitcher could possibly go back down, but I'm guessing that the Rangers are going to maintain the 13 position player/12 pitcher split they've had most of the season.

Assuming that's the case, JHJ will go on the d.l. if the cortisone shot hasn't fixed the pinch nerve. Otherwise, you have to figure Kevin Mahar will get optioned back to AAA.