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The honeymoon for Jon Daniels is officially over...

Randy Galloway is calling for Daniels to be fired:

But it's now time for Jon Boy to go.

His GM regime is not working. Maybe it's because Daniels' local baseball bloodlines are simply bad. He's a Hart disciple. That is not good DNA around here, but Daniels has done well in distancing himself from that former mentor relationship.

The kid has guts. He is not scared. I give him both those points. Daniels will step up and make a deal, or fire a manager. (I wonder what ol' Buck is thinking these days, watching our local baseball mess from afar.)

But going on two years later, Daniels' bottom line on trades, and on roster moves, is a total bust. Take the current outfield situation. It's the worst in baseball. But that's not a surprise. It was the worst when Daniels put that outfield together last winter. What was he thinking?

There has not been one Daniels trade thus far that is now a positive, with the possible exception of David Dellucci for pitcher Robby Tejeda. Then again, the Rangers have wood rot up and down the batting order. They continue to miss Dellucci's run production.

Otherwise, all of Jon Boy's trades were a mistake, including the one that will get him fired: John Danks for Brandon McCarthy.

I know Galloway tends to paint with broad strokes, but this is pretty silly...

Given that Dellucci was a free agent this past offseason, I don't see how you can say that the struggling offense means that it was a mistake to trade Dellucci for the team's best starter so far this year.

And we've argued the trades before, and I think you folks know my position on them, but anyone who is willing to proclaim the McCarthy trade a failure at this point is completely jumping the gun.

Still, Tom Hicks' comments in Galloway's column have to be a little disconcerting for the g.m.:

So, I asked Hicks on Friday, what about Jon Daniels?

His answer: "The jury is still out. It's too early, and we are playing such lousy baseball, I don't want to make a comment right now. I don't think the team we put together is as bad as it's playing.

"But if it continues this way, I will review it. I'm not so much upset about our record, but much more about the lousy way we are playing."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement there...

Galloway advocates hiring Gerry Hunsicker or Gord Ash. Hunsicker is okay, Ash I'd prefer not. But I don't think axing the g.m. at this point makes a lot of sense, given that you'd be bringing in a new guy who would want to put his people in place on the eve of the draft, and you'd be looking at yet another complete overhaul of the front office and player development system. But at the same time, if Hicks pulls the trigger at the end of the season, I don't think you could blame him.

Evan Grant talks about Michael Young's lack of patience at the plate, with his 3.47 pitches per plate appearance this season being the lowest rate in his career.

Also from Grant, Wes Littleton is being called up to replace John Koronka today, Frank Catalanotto is being activated tomorrow to replace Ramon Vazquez, and Josh Rupe has been placed on the AAA disabled list with elbow soreness.