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Some random thoughts

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Some random Sunday night thoughts...

Am I the only one who sees Victor Diaz and is reminded of Carlos Lee? Stocky Latin players, can't field much, aren't going to draw walks, but hit the ball hard and have pretty decent power. I could see Diaz coming close to Lee's 2001-06 seasons for the Rangers, and I hope he gets regular playing time in the outfield from here on out.

Speaking of Diaz, did you know that he came up in the minors as a second baseman? I was reminded of that when looking at last year's edition of BP...the three closest comps to Angel second baseman Howie Kendrick going into 2006 were Brendan Harris, Victor Diaz, and David Wright. That's a weird set of comps.

How fired up do you think ABC and ESPN are about having the conference finals shake out as Spurs/Jazz and Cavs/Pistons? At least they have LeBron to promote...but it is hard to think of a less attractive possible Finals matchup for them to have than Utah and Detroit...

Although Ramon Vazquez was supposed to be DFA'd tomorrow to make room for the activation of Frank Catalanotto, I'm thinking that we'll see Matt Kata optioned, instead. Kata is 1 for 20 since May 5, and does have an option remaining.

The weird thing about Kata this year is that the 1 hit he got - in a 1 for 6 performance against Tampa Bay - was in the only 1-hit game he's had. Kata has 13 hits, but the other 12 hits are in a total of 5 games, all of them multi-hit affairs.

The Rangers are closer to first place in their division than the Yankees are in theirs, and are as far out of first place than the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals (and just a half-game back, record-wise). Just something to think about, next time someone says that the Rangers are the biggest disappointment in baseball this year.

On Frank Catalanotto...I touched on this earlier today on the NMLR board, but part of the reason I'm not that broken up about losing a first round pick signing him is that, given his skill set and his contract, unless he completely falls off the map, he's the type of player you can move for a pretty decent prospect. If the Rangers are out of the race, and he's hitting well in July, I have to think that the Rangers could get a Jeremy Jeffress or a Matt Antonelli or a Chris Volstad (to name some guys taken around 16 in the last couple of years) for Cat.

I don't want to dwell on the possibility of a Mark Teixeira trade - really, I don't like to think about it right now - but Evan Grant mentions the possibility of the BoSox packaging Kevin Youkilis or Jacoby Ellsbury, along with Jon Lester, to get Teixeira. Personally, if the Rangers go the trade-Teixeira route, I'd prefer to see the Yankees make up some ground, and then see what they'd be willing to pay for a Teixeira/Millwood package. Philip Hughes, for starters...

And if Teixeira does depart, the Rangers have a gaping hole at first base...but there's also a native Texan who will be a free agent after the season, who draws a lot of walks and mashes the ball and who would fit perfectly in the middle of the order. And even if Teixeira stays, Adam Dunn would be a great fit in Texas...