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Monday morning things

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10 games below .500, 9.5 games back of first place...not where we want to be on May 21, I don't think...

Jan Hubbard has a Q&A in the S-T with Jon Daniels about the team, and Daniels says he thinks the club still can bounce back, but that ultimately, responsibility for the team and its poor play starts with him. Several other issues there, including his thoughts on the Milwaukee trade and on Mark Teixeira's future...

And, interestingly enough, the day after Randy Galloway called for the g.m. to be fired, Kevin Sherrington says that the team is getting back on track:

You'll have to trust me on this one, friends. The Rangers show signs of life.

An all-around 14-1 win over the Astros on Sunday in Houston, giving the Rangers the series going into this week's homestand against Minnesota and Boston, is the latest indication that the Rangers indeed have a pulse.

Or a brain pattern, which is more to the point.

* * *

Now, would I have traded Danks for McCarthy? No. If only because Danks is a lefty, and good ones are hard to come by.

But look what you've learned about McCarthy already. The kid comes apart like a carnival prize, then puts himself back together before you can say "What did Danks do today?"

McCarthy has now strung together four good starts. Not that anyone's posting him on a Cy Young watch. But you have to admire his guts and determination, not to mention a pretty fair changeup.

Maybe McCarthy was simply putting too much pressure on himself. He wouldn't be the only guilty party.

Michael Young still can't get his average up anywhere near where it should be. If someone tells you he's trying to live up to his new contract, don't buy it. More likely he's been pressing to make up for the club's inconsistent offense.

Even in the midst of Sunday's rampage, he went 0-for-6. But he's still hitting the ball hard. More important, he's showing discipline at the plate.

Evan Grant has some thoughts from Ron Washington on Ramon Vazquez, and it sounds like Vazquez is going to be sticking around for a bit:

"I certainly don't intend on sending him out without a fight," manager Ron Washington said. "He's had opportunity this weekend and taken advantage of it."

Grant says that if Vazquez stays, then it likely means either Travis Metcalf, Matt Kata, or Scott Feldman gets optioned back to the minors.

Grant also reports that Frank Catalanotto can't throw yet, but can swing the bat, so he'll be relegated to DH duty for the time being. That would presumably mean that, against righthanders, Sammy Sosa, Victor Diaz, and Nelson Cruz would split time in the corner outfield spots.