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Thursday a.m. stuff

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I did my ranting about the lineup/pinch-hitting decisions yesterday, so I'll let that go. Washington's questionable moves notwithstanding, that was still a very winnable game, and the team just didn't win. Frustrating.

Props to Scott Lucas for his intro to this morning's minor league report. I didn't make it up to Frisco, because after sitting in the sun for 3 1/2 hours yesterday, I feared that going out to Frisco, watching more game, and then getting on the road would leave to me nodding off on the drive home and crashing and dying, leading to an ironic obit about how the obsessive baseball blogger was killed because he tried to watch too much baseball in one day.

But now, I'm wishing I'd skipped the Ranger game and gone watched Eric Hurley, in what I'm guessing was his final AA start.

Michael Young said after the game that the "process" is more important than results right now, prompting some flaming in the comments section of the DMN blog about how Young doesn't care about winning.

I understand what Young is saying, though...they are trying to change the way they are approaching things, both offensively and defensively. The results aren't necessarily there yet, but Young's point is that they believe that Washington's way of doing things will yield results. Despite the bad record, if they keep learning to do things Washington's way, the results will come.

Some notes on hurt guys...Kevin Millwood threw off a mound, but the Rangers say they aren't going to rush him back, wanting to make sure he stays healthy when he gets back.

And Brad Wilkerson is supposed to be back for the Seattle series starting on May 31, which will create an interesting problem...who do you send down? Kata is the only backup infielder. Mahar is the only backup centerfielder. That means either Victor Diaz or Nelson Cruz would have to go down, unless the Rangers are comfortable sending Mahar down and using Wilkerson or Cruz as the backup centerfielder.