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Friday a.m. things

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Heading into the long weekend...

Randy Galloway says that Buck Showalter was right all along, and that the Rangers are the worst team and organization in baseball, and that Jon Daniels has been "fleeced" on just about every deal he's made.

More histrionics. But at this point, I'm tired of fighting it. I'm tired of pointing out how stupid it is to judge the ChiSox trade less than two months into 2007, or to proclaim the Carlos Lee trade a failure because Francisco Cordero is pitching well.

Chuck Carlton has a profile on Ramon Vazquez, the former Mariners prospect who is going to be playing third base for the Rangers until Hank Blalock is back.

There's also Matsuzaka stuff, with the BoSox coming to town. The DMN has something here, and Jan Hubbard touches on Matsuzaka not actually throwing a gyroball here.

Tim MacMahon suggests the gyroball may be a myth, which seems odd, given that there is a Ranger pitcher who throws it.

And Dave Sessions talks about Sammy Sosa.