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Saturday a.m. things

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Brandon McCarthy developed a blister yesterday, which apparently contributed to his control problems in the second inning yesterday.

From the DMN notes, we have some injury updates...Frank Catalanotto is supposedly going to resume playing the outfield this weekend, Kevin Millwood is getting a rehab start tomorrow, JHJ is starting a rehab assignment with Frisco today, and Brad Wilkerson is supposed to be ready for a rehab assignment next week.

Also, Mike Wood is going to get the start on Tuesday, and Ron Washington says that Matt Kata will continue to play against lefties, even though Kata isn't hitting (and has, really, never hit at the major league level).

Jim Reeves has a column on the Rangers' pursuit of Daisuke Matsuzaka this offseason, and seems to imply, at the end of his column, that the Rangers wouldn't have signed Matsuzaka even if they won the bidding.