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On trading Millwood and Padilla and rebuilding

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Something that occurred to me while I was out running errands...

There have been suggestions that the Rangers go ahead and deal Millwood and Padilla, even though they control each of them through 2010, because the Rangers aren't going to compete for the next several years anyway...

Assuming that is the case, I'd assume you'd want to trade Akinori Otsuka and Hank Blalock, who are under team control through 2009, as well.

But doesn't that also imply that you'd need to start shopping Gerald Laird (f.a. after 2010), Frankie Francisco (2010), Ian Kinsler (2011), Brandon McCarthy (2011), Robinson Tejeda (2011), Joaquin Benoit (2009), C.J. Wilson (2011), and Kam Loe (2011)?

After all, you presumably aren't going to be competitive until those guys are gone or on the cusp of free agency anyway, right?

So if you have to deal Padilla and McCarthy now, don't you have to deal the other players I listed, as well?