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Marlon Byrd up

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Evan Grant reports that the Rangers have purchased the contract of Marlon Byrd.

He apparently is replacing Kevin Mahar on the 25 man roster, although no word yet on what has been done to make room for Byrd on the 40 man roster.

Byrd would have been called up instead of Mahar in the first place, had he not tweaked his hamstring that day.

Personally, I'd be fine with Byrd staying up and splitting time in CF with Kenny Lofton from here on out.

Update [2007-5-26 18:19:4 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Richard Durrett reports that Byrd is up, Mahar is down, and Miguel Ojeda has been designated for assignment.

With Ojeda on AAA disabled list, there's little chance, it seems to me, that the Rangers will lose Ojeda. And even if they do, Guillermo Quiroz is still at Oklahoma as your emergency catcher, should something happen to Laird or Stewart.