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Sunday a.m. things

Sigh. One more disappointing game last night, in what has been an incredibly disappointing season.

Bill Madden of the NY Daily News says that the Yankees could be after Mark Teixeira, but suggests that after Jon Daniels got "fleeced" by Doug Melvin at the trade deadline last year (I still don't understand this contention, but whatever), Daniels may not be allowed to trade Teixeira because he won't be able to figure out what the best return is. Or something. I'm not entirely sure what Madden's point is, other than that Daniels sucks.

Ken Davidoff in New York Newsday also has a lengthy discussion of the possibility of a Teixeira trade.

Evan Grant has some notes on the Marlon Byrd callup, although he suggests that Byrd will be DFA'd when Jerry Hairston Jr. is ready to return. I'd much rather have Byrd than Hairston on this team, so hopefully that won't be the case.

And Dave Sessions has a little piece on Marlon Byrd's callup.