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A scary thought on McCarthy

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So, I was thinking about Brandon McCarthy's command problems, and was reading Jamey Newberg's item last night about how extraordinarily out-of-character McCarthy's command issues have been. This is a guy who, throughout his career, has had exceptional walk rates.

And I was thinking about why in the hell it is that pitchers come to Texas and don't throw strikes. And I was trying to figure out what could be going on.

And it occurred to me...there is something that happens to pitchers that results in major command issues.

When a pitcher starts having elbow ligament damage, one of the primary clues is a sudden loss of command. this point, I have to wonder, would it really be that surprising if we hear, in the next few weeks, that McCarthy has been having forearm pain, or elbow pain, and ends up going under the knife for T-J surgery and will be out until 2009?

Am I just being morbid? Or does this seem like a legitimate concern?