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A Doug Melvin question

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I keep reading comments about how much better the Rangers would be if they had kept Doug Melvin, or if they could bring Doug Melvin back, because he's great at building a team, developing a farm system, etc. etc. etc.

I also keep reading that the Rangers need to focus on pitching, need to develop their own starting pitchers from within, etc. etc. etc.

So I would pose this question...

During his 7 years in Texas, and his 5 years in Milwaukee, how many decent starting pitchers have his organizations either drafted and developed, or either acquired while they were still relatively low in the minors and developed?

I'll give you two guys to start out with:

Doug Davis
Rick Helling

Although he really only deserves half-credit for Helling, who was drafted by Grieve and traded away by Melvin, then re-acquired. guys name the rest of them.

With a 12 year period to work from, there have to be a bunch, right?