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A few things to mention

There are only twelve games today, instead of 15. It is baffling to me that MLB doesn't schedule a full slate of games on Memorial Day.

It is Monday, so Evan Grant needs newsletter questions...and I imagine that there are a lot of things that you guys can think of worth asking about. Click here to send him a newsletter question.

Tim MacMahon has a blog post up about the website, but to my surprise, doesn't agree with the sentiment:

Let me take this opportunity to distance from the Fire Daniels Camp. Canning him in the middle of the season would be a knee-jerk reaction that would only result in chaos. And, as pointed out, the probable replacement is pretty scary.

Daniels at least deserves a chance to begin the clean-up process of this mess. Let's see what he can do for the rest of the season and re-evaluate. And any evaluation of Daniels must be done with a long-term view. That means the minor league system, which is showing encouraging signs of life at Double-A and lower levels, would carry as much weight as the major league debacle we watch on a daily basis.

I will support any Web site that requests Tom Hicks sells the Rangers, although it might be difficult to come up with a catchy domain name.

BA has some love for Kasey Kiker, in its prospect blog...

The next Matt Harrington? According to Ask BA, San Diego Padre 2006 11th rounder Matt Latos is asking for $3.5 million to sign, which is as much as #1 overall selection Luke Hochevar got to sign last year.

If Latos digs in on his monetary demands -- and Jim Callis seems to think that's a strong possibility -- he could well be in the 2008 draft, since it seems unlikely anyone is going to pay him that much this year, either.

Update [2007-5-28 16:32:50 by Adam J. Morris]: -- The Matt Harrington story, for those who are unfamiliar with his saga...