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Thursday after a rainout stuff

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Rainout yesterday, the team is playing poorly, and the Mavs have game 6 tonight...

So not surprisingly, there's little out there about the Rangers this morning...

Jan Hubbard has a piece on Ron Washington making the adjustment from coach to manager, while trying work out how proactive to be in terms of giving signs, coaching players while the game is going on, and all that.

Michael Young is quoted speaking positively about Washington, for what it is worth.

Evan Grant touches on the same thing, although the more interesting stuff in his notes from today involve the Ranger minor leaguers.

Most importantly, good news on Taylor MRI showed no tear or structural damage to his surgically repaired elbow, and the Rangers are focusing on rest and rehab with it right now.

There was a question in one of the comments on Kasey Kiker yesterday...Grant says that Fabio Castillo and Kasey Kiker are in extended spring training right now, and the team wants to limit them to about 120 innings this season. Joaquin Arias, meanwhile, has started DHing in extended spring.

Kevin Millwood and Robinson Tejeda are scheduled to start the two games today, although Millwood has a hamstring problem he's dealing with, which may result in Mike Wood starting instead of Millwood.