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28 games later

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Ranger records after 28 games in the 21st century:

2006 -- 16-12
2005 -- 14-14
2004 -- 18-10
2003 -- 13-15
2002 -- 13-15
2001 -- 11-17
2000 -- 12-16

The last Ranger team to start this poorly? The 1985 Rangers, that went 9-19 in its first 28, and finished with a 62-99 record.

Everyone says the team isn't this bad. And I agree. But it doesn't really matter anymore. The team has dug itself an enormous hole, even if it isn't this bad, it is going to have to be a whole lot better the rest of the way than we expected it to be this season if anything after Memorial Day is going to be relevant.

If the Rangers are going to win 90 games, they have to play .600 ball the rest of the way.

Is that possible? Sure.

But it ain't real likely. The reality is, this abysmal start has probably killed the season before it ever really got started.