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Wednesday morning stuff

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Yay! A win! Behind the extremely shaky Mike Wood, who allowed 10 baserunners in 5 innings, but still kept the A's off the board, and some nice work from the bullpen.

Still, the big story right now is the pending fire sale...Tim Cowlishaw says the Rangers should trade Mark Teixeira, and offers three possible scenarios:

Pitcher Jon Lester is about to return to the rotation after rehab. Outfielders Jacoby Ellsbury and Brandon Moss aren't far from the majors at Triple-A, but there are no spots for them in the Red Sox outfield.

The Rangers outfield? They got plenty of spots.

How about the Dodgers? James Loney could probably help the Rangers with his bat right now. Pitcher Chad Billingsley pitches set-up relief now but could be a closer or starter. Middle infielder Preston Mattingly isn't hitting his weight at Double-A, but he's a prospect with a great gene pool.

How about Detroit? The Tigers are competing, but they could use a little more power than what Sean Casey is providing at first base (no homers in 158 at-bats). Send Casey here along with top pitching prospect Andrew Miller - the left-hander the Rangers let get away in John Danks - and one of their outfield prospects, Brent Clevlen or Cameron Maybin.

Those are three vastly different offers, of course. The package from Detroit blows the other two away, and I have a hard time imagining the Tigers doing that. The other two...meh. They are decent, I guess.

Joel Sherman, meanwhile, says that the Yankees would have to give up Philip Hughes to land Teixeira.

Evan Grant's latest newsletter talks about what needs to be done in rebuilding, and also addresses, among other things, the steps the Rangers are taking to improve their talent evaluation.

Dave Sessions has a piece up that says that the Rangers' starting pitching is largely to blame for their awful record, and looks at what their Pythagorean record would be if the starters had an ERA one run lower. Hmmmm...