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Thursday a.m. things

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Well, so much for our winning streak. Although when you have John Koronka going up against Danny Haren, I don't think you're going to have a great chance of victory...

It sounds like Nelson Cruz is heading back to AAA when JHJ gets called up. He's clearly fallen behind Marlon Byrd in the pecking order, and Ron Washington isn't happy with his progress:

"I don't see him making the adjustments he should be making," said manager Ron Washington, who added that the club has made no decisions on what the roster move will be. "He's not hitting off-speed stuff. He's not been able to use the ability that we see. We'll get a gauge on where Jerry is and then we'll talk about any decisions."

The knock on Cruz, of course, has always been that he was Pedro Cerrano...he hits the straight ball very much, but the curveball, bats are afraid. If he has adjustments he needs to make, and he's not making them up here, he probably has to go back to Oklahoma.

T.R. Sullivan says Byrd is impressing since coming up:

The Rangers weren't happy with his defense in Spring Training, and that may have been the No. 1 reason why he did not make the team. The Rangers like what they have seen so far.

"Without a doubt," Washington said. "He's getting behind balls, and he's beating balls to the spot. He's not drifting after them. In Spring Training, he was drifting and not beating the ball to the spot. He is certainly playing better."

I believe I said this over the winter, but if there's a guy hanging around who could be another GMJ, it is Marlon Byrd. I'd like to see him playing every day in centerfield once Kenny Lofton is dealt, and until Lofton is dealt, I'd like to see Byrd out there in center anytime Lofton is sitting.

T.R. Sullivan touches on the Mark Teixeira rumors, saying that the hot one right now is the Dodgers being after him. I'd love the Dodgers to get involved...Ned Colletti, the Dodger g.m., came up under the Giants' Brian Sabean, who never saw a prospect he wouldn't trade for a veteran. And someone like Matt Kemp would be a nice addition to the Rangers' outfield mix...

The Detroit News talks about Mark Teixeira and a possible Tiger trade, acknowledging that it would make sense but dismissing the possibility of the Maybin/Miller package Tim Cowlishaw suggested. He says that the Rangers need to trade Teixeira because they won't be able to rebuild their "sorry pitching staff" before Teixeira can be a free agent.

The issue this brings to mind, though, is that, while the popular view seems to be that the Rangers need to trade Teixeira for pitching, I don't know that that is really the case. They've got four guys -- Millwood, Padilla, McCarthy, and Tejeda -- pretty well locked into their rotation for a while, plus Eric Hurley looking like he should be ready at the start of next year, plus Josh Rupe and Kam Loe and C.J. Wilson, plus guys like Doug Mathis and Edinson Volquez still hanging around.

If the Rangers deal Teixeira, they don't need to target pitching. They need to get the best talent back in return, but if there is an emphasis, it should be getting a high-ceiling outfield bat. The Rangers need young guys who can play the outfield and hit well more than anything else right now.