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Elijah Dukes and the Rangers

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The Rangers have a bunch of quality bullpen arms and a dearth of quality young outfielders.

According to Jayson Stark, the D-Rays, who have a plethora of quality young outfielders, are looking to deal one for a reliever:

We're hearing the Devil Rays have been floating the name of troubled Elijah Dukes to see whether a trade can (A) get Dukes a fresh start away from his hometown and (B) bring them a decent, badly needed bullpen arm. But clubs are understandably reluctant to deal any known quantities for a player who, despite his massive talent, is still the ultimate unknown quantity. If the Rays ever ended up releasing Dukes, "then 29 teams would line up to sign him -- or at least 20 would," one GM said. "But to trade for him, that's different." The funny thing is, from all accounts, Dukes has behaved great at the park and around the club. And when you consider the upside of trading a set-up arm for a position player with his skills, it wouldn't be a shock if some team actually made that deal at some point.

Dukes has off-the-field issues. But he's also an incredibly talented 22 year old outfielder on a team that wants to move him.

If the D-Rays will part with him in exchange for Scott Feldman, or even Joaquin Benoit, don't you have to think long and hard about it?

Or not even think long and hard about it...don't you have to make that deal?