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Richard Durrett and hitting w/RISP

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I blogged a month ago about how the notion that the Rangers problems stem from an inability to hit with runners in scoring position is nonsense.

Sadly, that myth is still being perpetuated.

From Richard Durrett's chat session today:

This team is batting .230. That's shockingly bad. They can't hit with two strikes and aren't delivering many clutch hits with runners in scoring position (when they actually get runners in scoring position).

This is just wrong.

The Rangers have scored more runs than you would expect them to, given their raw stats.


Well, before tonight's debacle, they were hitting .230/.299/.392. That's 12th in the A.L. in OPS.

But they were hitting .280/.369/.460 with RISP. That's the 2nd best OPS in the A.L.

The only thing this offense has done well is hit with runners in scoring position.

So why do people keep saying otherwise?

I have no idea. As best as I can tell, there is simply a knee-jerk reaction that folks have, where if a team isn't doing well, it is automatically blamed on poor clutch hitting.

The reason they aren't scoring is because the team has a .270 OBP with no one on base.

Once again...the problem with this team is not an inability to get runners on base home.

It is that there aren't nearly enough runners on base in the first place.