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Saturday morning items

Hey, a win. I had forgotten what that was like.

A very nice game yesterday. Brandon McCarthy had one rough inning, where he walked 3 Blue Jays, but overall, he was pretty good, a lot better than what we've seen the last few starts.

Mark Teixeira and Hank Blalock seems like they are getting their groove back. Or their schwerve on...I'm not sure which...

Texas is still last in the A.L. in OBP, but they got back to the .300 mark after yesterday's game.

McCarthy said he stuck with the fastball yesterday, which obviously helps with the command. Still, McCarthy is going to have to be able to throw his change and his curveball for strikes to succeed long-term -- particularly since those are considered his two best pitches. McCarthy said his changeup kept ending up in the dirt, forcing him to throw the fastball more yesterday...

Eric Gagne is supposed to be activated on Tuesday from the disabled list. With Willie Eyre and Mike Wood both on the active roster right now, making room for Gagne in the pen shouldn't be an issue.

Also, Ron Washington had this to say about Matt Kata:

"He's a good little ballplayer," Washington said. "Matt made this team as an extra guy. I don't think we're looking for Matt to be an everyday guy."