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Speaking of Cuban and Nash...a bleg...

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If I recall correctly, after Steve Nash left the Mavs for Phoenix, Mark Cuban wrote at length about the decision making process on his blog, why they weren't willing to match Phoenix's offer, et al. In particular, I remember something about how they asked Nash's agent if Phoenix would do a sign-and-trade, and was told "no."

But I went looking for it on Blog Maverick, but couldn't find it.

I found this post, which was the "Part 1" of the explanation of the Nash saga, but can't find the later post, which went into the details of the negotiations and learning about the Phoenix offer, along with why the Mavs decided not to match.

Does anyone know whether I'm imagining this, or if it really existed at one point? And if it did exist, does anyone know where it went, or where I can find the text?