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Sunday morning things

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Two wins in a row, and last night's slapping around of Roy Halladay was particularly impressive. Jan Hubbard suggests that this may be a sign of the Rangers offense turning it around. Of course, every time this season we've thought that was about to happen, the Rangers have gotten no-hit or lost by 8 runs or otherwise disappointed, so I'm going to hold off getting too fired up just yet.

Kevin Millwood is unhappy about going to the disabled list, according to Evan Grant, as he thinks that he'll be ready to pitch before the 15 day period is up. The Rangers, though, apparently felt they needed the extra arm in the bullpen.

Grant also walks through the trekking Wes Littleton has done the past week or so:

It's been one long, strange journey to the major leagues this week for Wes Littleton, who was called up to replace Millwood on Saturday.

Littleton has been on the cusp of activation two previous times and has the jet lag to prove it. He was summoned to Toronto on Monday as a potential replacement for Scott Feldman, but mechanical problems with his plane delayed his arrival until close to game time, so the Rangers opted not to make a roster move.

He arrived in Texas around 4 a.m. Tuesday with the rest of the club, then got up at 8 to take a flight back to rejoin Triple-A Oklahoma. He was called on to pitch that night and allowed six hits and six runs in 1 1/3 innings.

Thursday, the Rangers called him to come back in case they needed him for the second game of the doubleheader with the Yankees. Under major league rules, he couldn't come to the clubhouse unless he was activated, so he sat around in a hotel all day. When he wasn't needed, he drove back to Oklahoma City. He turned around Saturday morning and came back.

"I don't know if they give out points for driving up and down I-35, but he definitely deserves them," general manager Jon Daniels said. "And the guy basically made a day trip to Canada."

And John Barten has a prospect report on Tim Hulett Jr. up at BTB. I know there are a lot of Tuglett fans here, so you guys check it out...