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Monday morning things

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Off day today, with a very short three game road trip starting tomorrow in New York...

Richard Durrett's game story focuses on Michael Young, and his apparent busting out of the slump that plagued him the first month of the season.

Unfortunately, not a lot of folks were out at TBIA to see the sweep. Kevin Sherrington laments that there was less than 20,000 in paid attendance yesterday, for a Sunday afternoon game.

On the injury front, Eric Gagne is apparently ready to go, and will be activated for tomorrow's game. Not sure whether Willie Eyre or Wes Littleton will go back down to make room for him, though.

In other injury news, Robinson Tejeda's tender hamstring is resulting in the Rangers having Mike Wood start Tuesday, so that Tejeda can get an extra day of rest. And Frank Catalanotto is making progress, and is expected to come off the d.l. on May 15.