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Wednesday stuff

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Court ran long this morning, and so I'm just now throwing up this morning's stuff.

Evan Grant has a new newsletter up, and interestingly, Grant still seems fairly positive about what this team is doing and where it is trying to go. He notes that Nelson Cruz is losing playing time because the whole offense is struggling, and Cruz is the guy doing the worst and with the shortest track record, and also notes that Brad Wilkerson is doing what Ron Washington wants him to do.

Also some good, detailed stuff about the changes Ron Washington is trying to implement on the fielding side, and some discussion of the import of the player's only meeting (something that, Grant says, Buck Showalter generally discourged the players from doing).

If the newsletter were coming out a day later, I'd probably be asking why the Rangers are sending out a guy who can't hit and can't play centerfield to play centerfield against lefties...while I know there were some issues about Marlon Byrd's defense, I can't imagine it is bad enough to justify keeping Hairston on the team ahead of him...

And good news, everyone...Jamey Wright threw off a mound yesterday...