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The Sammy Sosa situation

Something that I've been contemplating...

Is it really realistic to believe that the Rangers are going to get much of value for Sammy Sosa via trade?

I've heard it suggested that he's someone who will bring a significant return in July, but looking at the numbers, I don't really buy it.

He hasn't been that good this season...he has a .250/.308/.483 line, and a .261 EQA. That's not good production from a corner outfielder/DH, particularly one who, like Sosa, really isn't very good defensively when he is in the corner outfield slot.

He has mashed lefties extremely well...he has a .333/.478/.667 line against him this season, versus a .229/.255/.438 line against righthanders. So while he's not someone you want in the lineup when a righthander is on the mound, he is very useful as a platoon player.

But is anyone really going to give up that much for a righty platoon RF/DH? Particularly one with the baggage that Sosa brings?

And unlike Frank Thomas v.2006, Sosa isn't getting better as the season progresses...he's hitting .255/.307/.426 in the month of May.

The Rangers are out of the race, and need to be looking at Jason Botts to determine if he's going to be the DH next year. Botts is out of options, so they either have to go with him in 2008 or lose him. And with the season already lost, they need to start figuring that out now.

So the Rangers need to go ahead and let Sammy go. He's not helping the team win. He's not hitting well enough to bring back a better prospect later on this summer. And he's taking ABs away from guys who the Rangers need to get an answer on.